Getting to Cuixmala

“Not all those who wander are lost”



• Manzanillo International Airport (ZLO) can be reached by direct flights from Los Angeles (LAX) and Houston Intercontinental (IAH) airports.

• Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) can be reached from many major U.S. cities.

Private charter

We are happy to book you a charter flight to our private landing strip.


• 75 minutes north of Manzanillo Airport.

• three hours south of Puerto Vallarta Airport.

Rental car

Transportation within the property is not provided and we suggest, due to the immense size of the reserve, renting a car for your stay at Cuixmala.

We have a fleet of rental cars available here at Cuixmala, or if you prefer to rent a car independently please be sure to choose one that can comfortably navigate dirt roads.

Chauffeur service

Private drivers can be arranged at a daily rate upon advanced request and according to availability.

Many of us have decided to fly into Puerto Vallarta the day BEFORE (October 2nd) and stay one night to settle in, grab a cocktail on the beach and maybe even do a little bit of sightseeing in the a.m. before heading to the Cuixmala eco-preserve after lunch. 

Manzanillo airport is really difficult to find decent flights in and out of, so we suggest flying into Puerto Vallarta for convenience if need be.  It's a 3-hour drive from Puerto Vallarta to Cuixmala but they will have black cars available to transport us all in style (4 passengers to each car) with good AC. 


Let us know if you would like to meet up in Puerto Vallarta on Oct. 2nd and we can send out Hotel suggestions.  The Sheraton BUGANVILLAS has been highly recommended.

FYI:  Flights are getting booked so try your best to grab your seats asap and give us the info once you have it confirmed and we will set up your black car.

We will arrange who is in what car once we have your flight, airport info and day of arrival. 


We would like everyone to please arrive at the resort the evening of the 3rd early enough for our WELCOME after - dinner drinks gathering at the Cuixmala Palace approximately 9:00 PM.

Please send flight itinerary to cathey@amberkelleher.com

Our natural paradise includes insects and most of them completely harmless, some that are strikingly beautiful, a few that are annoying, and one that is a hazard but rarely encountered.


Mexico’s Costa Alegre has two well-defined seasons: a dry season from November to June and a rainy season from July to October. Both seasons offer unique experiences and neither is entirely wet nor entirely dry. 

During the dry season, the days start off cool with daytime temperatures reaching between 75°F and 85°F and evening temperatures averaging around 65°F. Sunshine is abundant and humidity is low.

The rainy season brings afternoon showers and warmer temperatures, with daytime highs reaching between 85°F and 90°F and evenings averaging 75°F.

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